Atheism To Islam

Dr. Jeffery Lang, a former atheist who converted to Islam, has an incredible lecture where he discusses his decision to embrace Islam after reading The Qur’an and finding that it answered all of his questions about existence in an indisputable logical fashion. Personally, I’m already Muslim, and have always been – but there are a substantial number of people who call themselves “Muslim”, however they don’t even know what “Muslim” means, or have even made any effort to read the Qur’an once in their life.

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Not wanting to become among the latter group, I take an interest in studying Islam, and more specifically, I enjoy listening and reading of people who converted to Islam, because these people were, often for most of their lives, not Muslim. They were searching for something, and for one reason or another, they came to the decision that Islam is the correct way of life.

As a result, there is a lot to be learned from listening to these people, and understanding what it is that they found in Islam.

In the case of this particular lecture, I had gone through The Qur’an perhaps three times already before watching the lecture, yet Dr. Jeffery Lang gave me a completely new perspective on some of the very basics of the opening chapters that I could have never come to consider myself without his original perspective of disbelief. Among the standout questions he had about life was “why aren’t we all angels?” If God existed, why aren’t we all perfect goody-goodies, who don’t commit sin, don’t engage in war, and don’t do all of the terrible things humans do?

A fair question, and it’s the same question presented in The Qur’an as the angels ask Allah (swt) why he intends to place a vicegerent on Earth who will cause chaos and destruction when they, the angels, are already there, singing His praises, obeying his commands. The response of Allah (swt) was that he knew what they knew not, which is that humans have a gift. Humans have something that distinguishes them from animals and other creatures – we have the ability to make moral and intelligent decisions.

We can do a lot of bad things, but we can also do a lot of amazingly good things. It’s a gift to be able to make these moral decisions, and the one who has the ability to do wrong, but still do right, is someone who truly stands out in excellence as a person, and achievement.

I highly recommend you check out the lecture above for more on this subject from Dr. Jeffery Lang.

Written by Deraxia K.

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